Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Is this service safe?

A. Absolutely! Using our service will never get you in trouble, nor is there any record that you've had it done on our side. Each audit report is deleted from our system after it is sent to you.

Q.What if I need a service not listed?

A. Contact us. We likely have used that service before, but simply don't have it listed on this website.

Q.Do I pay before if after the audit?

A. Because we have been taken advantage of dead-beat customers before, we now require payment up front before any work is done. We do however offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our report.

Q.How thorough are your audits?

A. We can only audit what we can see or know about. The more information you provide in your initial questionnaire to us, the more accurate of an audit we can provide back to you.

Q.Will this prevent me from ever having problems?

A. No, we cannot guarantee complete safety with our audit. We are a second set of professional eyes that are highly trained to spot TOS violations. With us on your side, you will stand a much better chance at staying in the good graces of your money making services.

Q.What do I need to provide access to?

A. We do not require any account passwords or logins. We do expect that you tell us everything that you know of (social media, email campaigns, website hidden content, etc) so that we can have the full picture when creating your audit profile.

Q.What type of payment services do you take?

A. Right now, we only accept payments through PayPal. If you do not have a PayPal account, please contact us and we can work something else out.

Q.Why can't I just purchase an audit on this website?

A. We have learned that every audit tends to be different. We want to talk to our potential customers about their concerns first to ensure that our audit will meet what they are looking for.

Q.Why should I trust Audit Affiliates?

A. We have been developers and affiliate marketers for over a decade. We know what is allowed, and what is not. For those times we get stuck on legalese, we have our staff attorney look at it.

Q.Does having an audit done help?

A. For the small investment our audits cost, it certainly couldn't hurt. The minute you are making a couple hundred dollars a month on advertising or affiliate income, you are putting it at risk if you don't have a second set of eyes validating that you are working within the terms of service of these products.